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Harald Dunnink in conversation with firestarters on how to create meaningful connections

Join Memberful Design's creator and host Harald Dunnink, cofounder of the 3rd largest membership journalism platform in the world, on a visual and audio journey. Together, we’ll learn how true experts in the field connect individual passions to a shared larger purpose. Discover how to create meaningful initiatives that have a lasting impact on the world around you.

About Memberful Design

Are you a firestarter with a big idea? Are you on a mission to transform systems, bring people together, or change your organization from the inside out? Memberful Design can help you on your journey.

The principles behind memberful design were developed in partnership with researchers at New York University. They stem from our work on De Correspondent, the third-largest member-funded journalism platform in the world. These principles can help any organization build durable initiatives, powered by active communities and united by a shared purpose.

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