Memberful Design is an evolving study of how firestarters spark lasting initiatives

Harald Dunnink

Creator and Host • Amsterdam

Harald helps firestarters through his design philosophy of cultivating calm. He launched global platforms, built brands, and led crowdfunding campaigns that broke world records.

Co-founder of De Correspondent, the 3rd largest membership journalism platform in the world, and founder of Momkai. For creative communities, he co-created a popular design podcast, a Design Master's program, and a design collective.

As a creative director, he loves stories. With his daughter's birth, he finally found an audience that’s always demanding more.

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Brenna Foster

Community Director • Berlin

As part of Memberful Design, Brenna explores data, ideas, and insights around designing for stronger communities. Preferably with you, our listeners and readers.

Throughout her career, Brenna has built movements to fight for the climate, raised millions to address man-made crises, and solved challenges for some of the biggest brands across the globe, including UNICEF, the Obama Foundation and WNYC.

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Julie Donders

Guest Ambassador • Amsterdam

At Memberful Design, Julie finds impactful initiatives and inspiring organizers we can collectively learn from. Got a suggestion? She'd love to hear from you.

As the former Program Director at TNW, Julie welcomed hundreds of founders, firestarters, and cultural leaders to the stage, from memberful companies like Strava to Headspace.

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The brand new monthly podcast

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We learn from experts in the field

Each month, we sit down to discuss building community. Past guests include entrepreneurs, curators, design thinkers, and visionaries from across the spectrum. You can listen anywhere you get your podcasts.

This show grew out of the award-winning Dutch design podcast Verwondering, which means ‘wonderment’. Over three seasons, Harald Dunnink explored meaningful design with creative leaders, from Hussein Suleiman's fashion movement Daily Paper to the world's leading garden designer Piet Oudolf

Know someone we should bring on the show? Have a great idea for an unexplored topic? Or explore being a brand partner on the show? Reach out and email us!

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Verwondering, predecessor to Memberful Design, is a European Design Award winning podcast

2018 — 2022

The Memberful Design podcast is an evolution of Verwondering, the leading design podcast in the Netherlands. After three award-winning seasons, we gratefully realized that we could share more insights with the creative community if we worked in the English language.

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